The Chasm Between

There’s nothing for me in the in-between.

Pick a side, cuz that chasm falls deep.

Can’t climb out, no second chances,

A black hole pit, a temporary release…

That burns the bridge over the in-between.

There’s nothing for me in the in-between

Hosea 13, “God in a Box”

day 18 response to #shereadstruth Hosea devotional


I’ve put You high

in unseen places.


A shelf with a box has Your name on it.


Shall I get You down in emergencies?

Shall I place You next to the band-aids?


Bandage of the soul and spirit, You are

In the box, on the shelf, placed high and

just out of reach.


But You, You belong on my tongue.

And You, You belong at my dinner table.

And You, You belong on my door frames,

Strong and ever-ready, purposed for entry.


Yes, You, You belong in the mundane moments,

In the everyday, spilling into seeds of eternity sown in fertile ground.


Yet, You, You’ve been reduced to emergencies,

There, on that shelf, in that box, placed just out of reach.


And so I take You down and I place you higher,

I take You down and I place you higher.

In my heart, in that darkest space, under my ribcage,

I place Your light, let it shine, Glory shine!


For you, You are Yahweh come,

The only SAVIOR that exists ,

There is no other One but You….


Breaking out of the box

Breaking into my heart

Breaking light into dark

Your glory can’t be contained.

Hosea 11

Sow in me righteousness,

Reap in me steadfast love,

Break in me fallowed land


It is time to seek You, Lord…


Come like the rain,

Your goodness pouring down.


For though I run, scattered in sin,

You do not lose me.


Your faithfulness reels me in,

Your fences protect my life

The boundaries of Your mercy secure me,

Your blood brings me into Your family.


O tender love of God,

It is time to seek Your face.

Even the Wanderer… A Hosea Response

And a wanderer was I,
Living in a house of rebellion
                                         Reclining on furniture of shame,
                                   Snuggling with blankets of humiliation,
                                              Sleeping in chains of sin
Let the sun come up
And shine on me,
For this darkness needs light….
I am the prodigal son
I am the prodigal daughter
But the Lord loves even the wanderer
But the Lord loves even the wanderer
So far away was I
But drawn near to the Messiah
By the blood of Christ
You beckon me to my true home
Father, I’m coming, I’m running back
Oh Let the sun come up, 
And shine on me
For this darkness needs light
I am the prodigal son
I am the prodigal daughter
But the Lord loves even the wanderer
But the Lord loves even the wanderer
It’s the great exchange:
My rebellion for contrition
My disobedience for repentance
My sins forgiven,
My humiliation forgotten!
My heart, for Your kingdom
Your plans for my own
My life for your instrument
My wandering for Your home…
For I am the prodigal son
I am the prodigal daughter
I’m coming, I’m running back

Healing In Our House, an appeal for Grace

Release grace upon my tongue

Welling up in me

Kindness and tenderness

Be upon me

In my home


Your goodness

Your gentleness

Through me

Release wisdom upon my heart

Curating me

Patience and understanding

Be upon me

In my home


Your goodness

Your gentleness

Through me

Release yielding in my spirit

Mercy filling me

Peace and humility

Be upon me

In my home


Your goodness

Your gentleness

Through me

Under God,

May we repair, restore,

Mend our brokeness

Every injury- tended

Every failure-  forgiven

Every appeal-  in compassion

Til there is healing in our house.

I am MORE (Poetry): Lessons in Vulnerability, part 2

I am more than my body,
More than my curves.
I am more than my smile,
My looks, my clothes.
I am not a trophy,
Or a symbol of your best.
I’m no prize or property,
No object to cherish.
Underneath my clothes,
Underneath my skin,
Underneath my bones,
This is where my beauty lives.
Tell me,
Who has formed the depths of my soul?
Who has fashioned and woven my bones?
Who has touched with their hands
The passion in my veins,
Or seen grace strumming grace across my heart strings?
You have eyes in your head,
You may want to look deep.
Or you will miss out on seeing,
The real beauty in me.

Daughter, Arise!

I come to you,


falling at your feet,


Fearful and trembling,


– You have every reason to condemn me.

“You harlot!” they say.

– You have every reason to condemn me,

“You sinner!” they say.

– You have every reason to condemn me,

“You leper!”  they say


– What will You say?

– Will You say I stole a blessing?

– Will You say my touch has made you unclean?


– Will You call out for, murder, “OH, those righteous stones!”

– What will You say?

But I can’t care! I’m pressing forward,

All I have to do is touch Your robe!

I don’t care, I’m pressing forward,

Because standing there before me walks living hope.

And I’ll risk it all.

I’ll risk it all.

Just to hear You call my name,


Glory speaks…..and the heavens rejoice.

Glory speaks…..”Oh, the sound of HIS voice!”


You’ve called my name.



I come to you, Jesus.

Falling at your feet, Jesus.

Fearful and trembling, Jesus.

Your glory running through my bones.

Your glory; I’ve seen the face of GOD.

Your glory; I hear my name….

Daughter, arise…

From the ashes, arise…

From the pit, arise.

From infirmity, arise....

From your prison, arise…

Daughter, arise…

Your faith has set you free.


Angel’s Song

When all you can do is sing your prayers and pray your psalms until nothing is left but the sound of your fingers sliding across the neck of your guitar….

And, you know that no recording can truly capture the depth of this moment, but it’s ok, because this?

This is the song that angels sing.

Honest and pure. Unaffected. Filled to the brim with the truth of the soul.

So, your heart slides across strings and frets as your fingers follow. All the while, knowing that this moment in time will never be duplicated or remembered or charted….

But, it’s ok.

Because this is the song the angels sing, and it is not meant for this world.

It is meant for this heart.

And oh…

How this heart can sing!



  • Forsaken and Condemned…
  • The Son of God.
  • Lifted up…
  • The Resurrection and The Life.
  • The Brightness of God’s Glory
  • The Savior of the World.
  • Lamb of God…
  • Unshaken on the throne
  • And-
  • Ruler over ALL.
  • The Sure Foundation.
  • The Sanctuary.
  • The Sacrifice , The Ransom, The Slain Lamb –
  • The Forerunner.
  • Tempted, Oppressed,
    Scourged, Bruised, Crucified and –
    Obedient, Victorious, Justified,
    Exalted and…
    Raised up on the last day.
  • The Grace.
  • The Love.
  • The Patience.
  • The Mercy.
  • The Compassion.
  • The Refuge.
  • O Mercy Seat, O Great High Priest!
  • O First Born of the dead!
  • O Resurrection!
  • O Finisher of Faith!
  • O Eternal One!


The Calling

Sometimes I feel my calling rising up in me.

Not this JOB to be done or this task to perform.

But this part of my soul that wells up, so much so, that ….

I can barely breath.

And I know, that this calling is more than me, yet a part of me.

And I cannot separate it from myself…

This calling is who I am

An identity- a branch of Christ that compels me to move,

Propelled by love, sustained by hope, and made alive through the most desperate of circumstances.

And I know….that this calling cannot be a “thing” that needs to be done.

It needs to be lived.

And, I am not subject to it or confined by it; no, it intertwines itself throughout my being…

Pulsating through my veins, storming through my lungs, abounding through my heart and soul,

Kissing every internal wound as I allow it to release.


I feel my calling rising in me…..

And I tip over,

Like a vase,

Spilling over

every drop.